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Alan Wake was supposed to be a 360 exclusive that would shame PS3 titles with its graphics and original ideas, and if it came out before Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 and God of War it could of easily do it! But i won’t go in any console war bullshit, but tell you that Alan Wake is an excellent game in itself.

The story is paranormal, and it draws inspiration from the novels of Steven King and many TV shows off the Sci-Fi/Horror genre. You are Alan Wake, a writer that has come to chill in a small town called Bright Falls, but chilling is soon ruined and your vacation is turned into a nightmare! When its night, paranormal creatures come out of the shadows, known as the taken, which really starts playing with Alan’s imagination and the story for an adventure is set! The base of the game is playing with your mind, and an excellent atmosphere!

All of this has something to do with some dark force which turns people in these creatures, but it can also affect objects. The artistic style is first class, and the creatures constantly flicker as if they are in some strange way flickering from reality and non-reality, this is no graphical bug however! They modulate the color of their voice and seem real creepy!

However, Alan Wake is not a classic survival horror game Silent Hill style, because the focus is on the feel of loneliness and the feeling of being lost. Alan spends most of his time navigating through forests where he is being preyed on by monsters. He finds help in light. When he gets to a lamp or a light post the demons perish and you can have a moment of peace.

Also, your main weapon is a battery flashlight! The demons are completely invincible until you use the light to destroy their dark spirit, and then you can shoot them. Ammo is very scarce, and there is a perfect recipe for a perfect battle system that will make your skin crawl.

In many situations you will be outnumbered and you will have to escape to the next light source, and seeing how Alan gets tired while running, you will get that feeling like something is there, and it wants to kill you.

When it come to the graphics, it’s obvious that the game has been in development for a long time. Daytime textures sometimes suffer from smudgy textures, and you can see the lack of polygons on the faces. So this is no Uncharted 2, but when it’s nighttime you will enjoy in perhaps the best lighting system you ever seen.

The game has many other details, like watching a fictive TV series that reminds of the Twilight Zone. Alan also collects paper from his not yet published novel, turns on generators etc.

Sometimes you will sit behind the wheel of a car, and use its lights to destroy the evil spirits, but this is something that isn’t used very often in the game. Unfortunately AW is extremely short, and it only contains 6 chapters, which can be done in around 2 more intense gaming afternoons!

But while it lasts its incredible atmosphere, and loads of fun, it will keep you tied to your chair!


Rogue “fucking” Warrior is a worldwide phenomenon as one of the worst games of 2009, and one of the absolute worst FPS games of all time, i disagree. Why? Be fucking patient cocksucker you know the motherfucking basics.

The character is one of the worst attempts to make an anti-hero but still the good guy character of all time, i mean instead of making an good anti-hero, Rebellion made a super hill-billy that swears a whole fucking lot, delivering some of the cheesiest lines in history of game making, and he just fucking swears all the fucking time with no fucking reason for the most part. It almost feels like he’s being played for laughs, and it’s a real insult to Dick Marcinko, because while the real Dick was a legend, the virtual Dick is…Well….a dick!  The voice acting is, actually not that bad ,I mean its alright, its not Oscar winning material but its OK, also a cool thing is its done by none other than Mickey fucking Rourke….Yea

Level design is a complete disaster, and is the absolute worst i have ever seen and i have been around since the NES days-most of the levels take place in dark, brown factory levels,and coupled with some of the worst graphics of   all time it isn’t exactly eye candy!

The graphics are a complete disaster. Was the Asura engine made for the PS2? Was this game made in 2003? The game frequently runs on about 10-20 FPS, character models are done poorly, blood looks awful and pop-up is incredibly obvious, the only thing nice is some shading effect here and there. Now despite this, the system requirements are ludicrous!

The gameplay in Rogue Warrior is all over the place in terms of fun and boredom. The most important thing about it are the kill moves, which work this way: walk up behind someone press a button and watch Marcinko do a violent kill animation, with a juicy curse following it :)! The AI is god-awful. You can walk up behind them then run around in circles behind them. Hell, sometimes, they will ignore the sound of a grenade, you know, that quiet sound! Cover? Pfffft. RW AI using cover? Ha-ha-ha! They will never use cover, but I recommend you use the cover system since it’s really not that bad. However, I said I think the game is in some strange phantasmagoric way good, and I really do! Finally you don’t have be bothered with strategies and sneaking, just relax and shoot, shoot, shoot!

This review is written by Samir Dewan (dbz195)

The surfboarding Ninja is the most terrifying ninja of all

Shinobi III is a game you will probably remember well or not at all. Released 3 years after the most well-known game of the franchise, The Revenge of Shinobi, Shinobi III sees Joe Musashi beating up bad-guys once again. However, you won’t have to look in deep to find that this game is a benchmark for how all sequels should be, as Shinobi III had simply improved on every aspect its predecessors had done before.

For those who don’t know, Shinobi III is a platforming game. Your 3 buttons are jump, normal attack, and a ‘jitsu’. So it’s pretty obvious what you’ll be doing: running around, jumping and stabbing people to their demise. However, this game has got a variety of moves, which will all be useful some time or another. Jump kicks, climbing off walls, and deflecting bullets are a small array of what you can do whilst playing Shinobi III and how you use these attacks is completely up to you.

Any of the attacks you will do, however, will probably look pretty great. Shinobi III looks very good-the animations are fluid, the explosions look painful, and the backgrounds are almost always different. The presentation is also backed up by a great musical score, which is also used to enhance the overall speed of the game.

In fact, speed can be found everywhere-for good or for worse. Shinobi III isn’t a particularly long game; in fact, your average first playtime will be around two hours. It probably won’t feel like two hours, though-the sheer amount of giant robots, slime bugs and brains you kill will probably make it feel a much longer accomplishment than a few hours.

And any person who plays this game will feel accomplishment when they defeat the various enemies this game has. Shinobi III is a perfect blend of accessibility and depth, with a variety of tools to mess around with. The way you play will be different from anybody else who plays. For example, I went through the entire game messing around with the ‘jitsu’ Mijin-which you could use for an infinite amount of times, unlike every other ‘jitsu’, at the cost of one life per use. A mate of mine found that immensely stupid, but I felt it was the best way for me to play. Playing a game as deceptively open as this helps the experience as there is no ‘right’ way to play it; rather, the game is flexible enough for you to play any way you want.

The difficulty of the game is quite varied; in the options you can choose between 5 difficulty settings and the amount of shurikens you start off with. However, knowing what difficulty to start with is a different story. From my personal experience, the difficulty ramps up during the game quite rapidly, so you won’t know that you’ve chosen the wrong difficulty until you are around halfway through the entire game. The game overall is easier than The Revenge for Shinobi, but it isn’t a pushover either. You should find the right difficulty sometime, but it can be very irritating when you find out in Stage 5 or so that your choice of doing the game in Hard mode because you found the first few stages too easy in Normal was a completely wrong idea and has made the game almost impossible for you.

Also, the number of shurikens you start off with barely makes any difference-you’ll find that you have hundreds of shurikens at your disposal throughout the game, so much so that having to resort to your blade is a very rare situation.

Damn noob-tubers

Sega has worked on this game using Revenge of Shinobi as a background. They made it more accessible, more beautiful, and more absurd than its predecessor. If you’re a fan of any of the Shinobi games, you’ll find that Shinobi III is probably the best way of saying goodbye to a franchise there ever has been. If you haven’t played a Shinobi game before, then this game is still available to you, due to its accessibility. In fact, this game is a viable choice for absolutely everyone, as there is enough for newcomers to complete this game with a high level of satisfaction, yet enough depth for veterans to find this experience different from any other Shinobi game. As a result, this is one of the most open games on the Genesis and of all time, and, although short, you will find yourself going through the experience over and over again.

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